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Valentine's Day Sale - 40% Off Ranks

by NZSwAg40

Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's day will be a big day for the server because it will be our first sale and I would say officially a month since the server has been opened.

To reward all our current player's and future player's we will be having a 40% off sale on all items in the store to celebrate! Go to the Mine-Games Store and check out our neat prices!

Again thank you for sticking with us and look forward to more updates!
Happy Valentines Day. ❤️

Welcome to Mine-Games

by NZSwAg40

Welcome to Mine-games

Welcome to Mine-Games, Factions is a factions based server that doesn't need any client side mods installed.

The factions gamemode will allow users to create or join factions. You will create friends and enemies as rival and allied factions go together in a continuous war. Users will be able to create bounties on players and follow a war against friend and foe.

This server is featured on the The Mine-Games Network As one of the servers many minigames / gametypes. So jump on have a go how do you know you wont like it if you have never tried it before.

We hope you enjoy our Faction server apart of our loved Network and as this is still in Alpha and you happen to find any bugs feel free to let us know on our forum page Mine-Games Forums. We also love all your feedback on thoughts on how this game could progress and change!

Thanks for your longing support.
Yours Sincerely ~NZSwAg40